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Websites be safe.
Always wear a helmet ⛑

Don't take risks and remember to protect your online work. Auto-backup your website against malware, hacks, user errors, updates or server crashes.

100% private backups. No data retention on our servers. Everything is stored on your servers or Dropbox account.
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Works with any HTML or PHP website, site builder or CMS that you host and use.
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  • Easily to setup

    Upload Backup Frank (1 file) to your site, edit the config settings and relax with peace of mind as your site is now safe.

  • Backup by Email or Dropbox

    Get sent a backup link via email to download your site or auto-sync to an offsite location in your Dropbox account.

  • Zips the whole site

    Your whole site folder on your server (or whole server) gets zipped and packed into a file as many times as you want.

  • Automatic, daily version backups

    Every time you or a Cron job visit a link your site snapshot is taken. This can be on your schedule and be used for multi-versions.

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Playing the chance game?

What would happen if your website suddenly got hacked? Is it fully backed up? If one of your clients has a user error and deletes the site, can you quickly recover it for them? How long would it be down for? Would you have to redo the entire website?

  • 30k Websites hacked everyday (Forbes Magazine)
  • 60% Companies with data loss shut down in 6 months

Prepared for that Doomsday scenario?

Most built sites don’t include built-in backups. Things can happen and you should have a backup plan in place. Security issues include hacks, malware, user error, deleted files and running bad commands. Even your host backup may not be enough if you experience a server crash. If you're not convinced to be backing up your sites, let us convince you.

Learn more on why you should backup
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Never lose site data again.

Backup a site or your whole server, Backup Frank ensures that your site files are archived regularly and automatically in the background. Insurance for you and your customers' sites.

Backup your site today
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Easy Pricing

Simple single pricing structure. No subscription nor recurring fees. Pay once and add Backup Frank to your site. Pay per site (as and when needed).

$ 39 site

One Time
  • ✅ Unlimited private Backups
  • ✅ Dropbox Integration
  • ✅ Works with any HTML or PHP Site
  • ✅ Easy to switch on and start

Our users love us

We've only just started but already quite a few users are starting to use Backup Frank to secure their sites and web projects done for clients.

It was easy to install and as my client uses a simple static CMS to edit his site, I was worried the changes weren't getting backed up in case of a breakage. Now I don't worry about that anymore. Thanks, guys!
Dave Stuart-Jones
I often do things the old way and update projects live on the server with FTP so good to have this for keeping me mind at rest! 😉
Claire S.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a new product - but so far feedback has been great. We'll add any common questions as they come in to this little FAQ section. But most stuff is pretty easy to guess.

Yes! Buy this once and download it straight away today. Only pay again if you want to install it on a second website (license per domain pricing).

Works with any PHP or HTML site. Such as WordPress, Drupal, RapidWeaver, hand coded sites etc. You just need PHP on the server and be able to access the server to upload Backup Frank. A service like Weebly, Wix or Squarespace won't work as you can't access the server to those, but they should backup your site anyway, right?

No not yet, but we may add that in the near future.

No not yet, but we may add that in the near future.

Still have a question? Reach out to us by email
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